What we Build

Pretty much anything you need, really

Front-End Solutions — We obviously build web sites. In our world they're cold Front-End applications. Web sites build to interact with your clients and/or your specific users. Front-End applications are build fully responsive (properly displaying in any and all devices; smoothly adjusting to the actual screen size available). We can style them as you need them.

Back-End Solutions — We also build anything you need behind closed doors. We have worked with countless office and cloud-based applications, as well as the odd machinery: Coupling them and allowing each component to talk to the other, whilst accessing and exchanging data.

Mobile Apps — Last but not least, we can build your mobile apps as well. Here we tend to focus on business process related apps. We're not into building games and the likes.

And How we Do It

Structured, Stringent, and Disciplined

Structured Development Releases — We have our own extensive server infrastructure, with different geo-locations globally. We develop on Development Servers, we test on Quality Assurance Servers, and we push/release to Production Servers. We have tools in place to test on all UI/platforms (pc/mac, tablets, etc.). All solutions are hosted in the Amazon and Google Cloud infrastructures. All of this comes to you at no additional costs. It's simply how we work, making use of the infrastructure we already have in place for DYNAREAD SPECIAL EDUCATION Services.

Stringent Code Control — All code is committed and tracked in Revision control. Each and every keyboard action we track. We know who coded what, when, and why. We can roll back or push forward any code. This approach offers tremendous stability. Again: No extra cost. It's just how professional teams work, and you benefit from it.

Meet Those Who Work and Stand With Us

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